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Abraham and the Cost of Faith: Commitment, the Way to Surrender

Tim Keller |  October 16, 1994

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Hebrews 11:8-16
RS 53-06

Understanding Hebrews 11:8–16

Hebrews 11:8-16 speaks to Christians who are questioning the importance of their faith when they are facing tough times and an uncertain future. It highlights the story of strong believers like Abraham, who lived an extraordinary life despite not knowing what the future holds. This passage gives us three main lessons – what to avoid, what to embrace, and what to ultimately strive for – all to help believers find peace and courage when things are unsure.

1. What to avoid

Abraham’s story shows us that we should not depend on our surroundings or situation, but rather on our own inner strength and faith. Being a Christian is not about controlling situations to get what we want, but about seeking the truth and making God the most important part of our lives. The key to success or failure is not what problems we come across, but how we react to them, just like Abraham and Jesus showed us.

2. What to embrace

Some people try to protect themselves by not getting involved in unpredictable situations. This might keep them safe, but it doesn’t bring them happiness. Instead, Christianity tells us to look forward, focusing on the promise of a heavenly home rather than just on our current situation. This mindset inspires Christians to be good citizens on earth, ready to make sacrifices for what’s right, and to see worldly stuff as less important than the treasures waiting for them in heaven.

3. What to strive for

Abraham’s faith was based on God’s trustworthiness, not his own. God’s agreement with Abraham, which Jesus Christ fulfilled by giving up his life, highlights the need to trust in God’s promises rather than our own skills. By studying the Bible, praying, and living obedient lives, we can understand more about God’s love and aim to do great things.



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