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The Culture of Pride

Tim Keller |  May 17, 2009

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Habakkuk 2:5-20
RS 313-03


The little book of Habakkuk tells us how to handle evil times, especially evil times in a culture.

In this passage, God is saying to Habakkuk something about the evil Babylonian Empire that is rising up and wreaking havoc everywhere. God shows the rottenness at the heart of the culture and shows what is wrong in that culture.

As God deconstructs what’s wrong with the Babylonian culture, he actually gives us two principles for facing evil times wherever we are: 1) with your head, you need to understand the source of the evil that’s surrounding you, and 2) with your heart, you need a consolation to help you face the evil.

Habakkuk 2:4–20

Being overly proud, greedy, and using others for your own gain can lead to failure and embarrassment. On the other hand, being humble, sorry for our wrongs, and seeing the world through a Christian lens are key in standing up to evil. God’s power and control are far greater than any idol, and often, the reasons behind what people do are rooted in pride and wanting to look good. It’s important to be humble, to accept God’s kindness, and to find hope in the good news of the Bible. Also, seeking to be honorable rather than avoiding embarrassment is important.



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