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Adoption (Part 2)

Tim Keller |  June 28, 1992

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  • Doctrine
Ephesians 1:4-8
RS 237-08

Ephesians 1:4–8

When we accept Jesus, we become part of God’s family. This is a big deal. Like the story of the lost son, we are chosen by God to be His children, despite the cost. Being part of God’s family comes with benefits, let’s explore these.

1. No fear, just freedom

We are not slaves, we are children of God. This realization gives us freedom from fear. A slave obeys because he is scared, a child obeys because he feels loved and secure. As God’s children, we can listen and learn from others without fear, because we know who we are.

2. Close to God, like a Father

In Christianity, we have a close relationship with God like a child has with his father. We can confidently approach God in prayer, just like the friend at midnight in Jesus’ story. We are encouraged to pray boldly, knowing we are His children.

3. Feeling wealthy

Even though we are already part of God’s family, our transformation is ongoing. This process gives us the hope of future glory as Jesus had. This hope gives us peace during hard times. We can live with the confidence of a prince, knowing our rich inheritance from God. Our future glory also promises a restored world, reflecting our role as caretakers of creation.

4. Handling trouble with grace

As God’s children, we view suffering as discipline, shaping us to become more like Jesus. This understanding helps us trust in God during tough times. We learn to desire holiness, knowing that suffering can lead to growth. Being God’s children gives us freedom, access to God through prayer, a sense of wealth, and a new perspective on life’s challenges.

5. Feeling God’s love

Knowing that God loves us unconditionally gives us security. We can trust that His love for us is stronger than any love we’ve experienced. This understanding frees us from fear and judgment, giving us the courage to live as His children.



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