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After You Believe (QandA)

N.T. Wright |  April 20, 2010

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What does eschatology have to do with ethics? What does the new heaven and the new earth have to do with the world in which we live now? Ultimately, it means that love is not our duty but our destiny. Through God’s grace in our lives, Christians strive to develop habits and character which build them up into the people that God originally created them to be. Christians are not called to merely pray a prayer and forget the rest. Instead, we are called to be a royal priesthood, bringing God’s love and royal stewardship into the new world that God is creating.

This Q&A was given as part of the Gospel & Culture Lecture series featuring Dr. N. T. Wright. A leading scholar in New Testament studies and the mission of the church (authoring over 40 books), Dr. Wright is a significant voice in bridging theology and practice. In this lecture he discussed his newest book, After You Believe, the third in a series following Simply Christian, and Surprised by Hope.



After You Believe

By N.T. Wright

After You Believe (QandA)

By N.T. Wright

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