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All Things New

Tim Keller |  December 31, 1989

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  • Restoration
Revelation 21:1-8
RS 207-07


We are fascinated with the new. The reason we’re fascinated with the new is because every human being has a deep need for eternity. We all sense ourselves fading away. We see ourselves sagging and wrinkling. We see ourselves decaying, and that’s not natural. Nature is subject to futility, we’re told in Romans 8.

Underneath the diets, underneath the need for vacations in new places, new clothes and new things that make you feel good for a little while, there is this need for eternity. We all need eternity. We need this newness God’s talking about.

This passage tells us about the newness that is to come, a newness that is totally in the future. But there is also a newness that you can begin to experience now. Let’s just take a look at those two things. It’s exciting to look at it. The first aspect is the newness that is to come. The second aspect is the newness we receive now.

Understanding Revelation 21:1–8

Revelation 21 talks about something ‘new’ that brings hope and encouragement, especially to those facing tough times. This ‘newness’ from God means more than just being young or fresh. It’s about brightness, beauty, and strength. It’s a promise for the future, but it’s also something we can experience now.

1. The newness that awaits us

Revelation paints a picture of a restored heaven and earth, showcasing nature at its best, with humans caring for it. Our current world doesn’t quite match up because we’ve strayed from God’s path. This future world is shown as a place where God is always present, where our physical bodies become spiritual, maybe even with abilities beyond our current five senses. This gives comfort to those undergoing hardships and shifts our focus from temporary troubles to the eternal beauty and light that awaits us, nurturing hope and faith.

2. The newness we can have now

Experiencing this ‘newness’ in life comes from having a relationship with Jesus Christ, not from our personal achievements or moral behavior. It’s important to be humble, admitting our flaws, to truly seek God’s salvation. God often chooses those considered weak or foolish to surprise those who think they’re strong or wise. This connects to ideas of spiritual growth, the Fruit of the Spirit, the Ten Commandments, and Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.



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