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Basis of Prayer: “Our Father”

Tim Keller |  April 23, 1995

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  • God the Father
  • Prayer & Meditation
  • God's Love
Matthew 6:6-15
RS 61-1


The proper basis for prayer is to approach God as a Father and to view our relationship with God as a family relationship – not a business relationship. In order to do this,we need to understand that we have been adopted as children of God because Jesus died for us.

Matthew 6:6–15

Prayer is very important in our faith, and it’s key to see God as a caring Father, not just someone we ask things from without real feeling. The Lord’s Prayer and Jesus’ resurrection show us how we can connect with God, highlighting how powerful it is when we truly realize we are His children. As believers, we’re invited to pray in a close, personal way, saying thank you, praising Him, and continually asking our caring Father for what we need.




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