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Be Filled With the Spirit (Part 1)

Tim Keller |  June 16, 1991

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  • The Holy Spirit
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Ephesians 5:18-21
RS 220-01

Ephesians 5:18–21

Ephesians reminds us of the importance of spiritual fulfillment and avoiding unhealthy habits like alcohol misuse. It discusses how some people might try to sell spirituality, and the need for deep, meaningful experiences in Christianity. It suggests that overcoming issues like substance misuse can be connected to understanding what spiritual fulfillment really means—qualities like self-control, balance, and discipline.

1. Being filled with the Spirit is the opposite of reckless behavior.

A life filled with the Spirit means having self-control, balance, and refinement, not acting wildly or without control. It’s about using your time, body, words, feelings, and talents wisely to do good, not wasting them. Being filled with the Spirit isn’t about faking emotions or being constantly busy, but about concentrating and being effective in doing what the Spirit guides us to do.

2. A Spirit-filled life is exciting and eye-opening

There’s a huge difference between being spiritually fulfilled and being intoxicated. Getting drunk can limit your viewpoint and distort how you see things, but being filled with the Spirit can broaden your understanding and help you see more of reality. God’s Spirit can help us understand that our problems are small compared to God’s vast love and power. This understanding can stimulate us, reduce our worries, and help us see the truth more clearly. A life filled with the Spirit and God’s Word leads to peace, gratitude, and contentment. It’s a life of mutual respect and it’s never boring.

3. A life filled with the Spirit is constantly joyful

Being “filled” with the Spirit is a continuous process, unlike the temporary effects of alcohol. True spiritual joy lasts even through tough times because it’s based on our relationship with the Giver of all good things, not just on the good things we receive. If we’re struggling to be joyful when our prayers aren’t answered, it might be a sign that we’re focusing too much on the gifts and not enough on the Giver. A Spirit-filled life is balanced, refined, self-controlled, and rooted in a deep understanding of truth and joy in Christ. If these qualities are missing, it’s important to seek God’s forgiveness and learn to live in the fullness of the Spirit.

1. The Bible tells us not to ignore the Spirit’s guidance

When the Spirit nudges us to do something, it’s important to listen and act. Ignoring or postponing action can be like putting out the Spirit’s flame. To fully experience the Spirit’s presence, we need to respond promptly and obey His guidance.

2. Don’t upset the Spirit

The Holy Spirit is our divine mentor, working to shape us to be more like Christ. If we sin or ignore His guidance, it can upset the Spirit, because we’re His sacred home. It’s important to acknowledge His presence, apologize for our mistakes, and strive to live a balanced life under His guidance, filled with His power and influence.



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