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Believing in the Risen Christ (Easter)

Tim Keller |  April 3, 1994

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  • Easter
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
John 20:10-29
RS 251-08

John 20:10–16; 24–29

Feeling truly satisfied and strong can happen when we have a close relationship with God. This has been seen in many people who found healing and a sense of purpose even in the midst of life’s messiness. Trusting that God is in control can bring comfort during hard times, and believing in Jesus after He rose from the dead has the power to change us. This is shown in stories from the Bible about the faith that comes from Jesus’ resurrection. We can have a special connection with the resurrected Jesus when we take part in the Lord’s Supper.

1. Faith in the resurrection is always about moving trust, not making trust

Everyone has faith in something, but often we put that faith in our own abilities instead of in God. Not believing in Jesus doesn’t mean we don’t have faith. It means we’ve put our faith in our own ability to control things. To really follow Christianity, we need to examine our doubts and move our trust from ourselves to Jesus.

2. Faith in the resurrection is always about what Jesus did, not just what He said

Just knowing what Jesus taught won’t change our lives. It’s having a personal relationship with Him that brings real change. The power of the good news about Jesus has been seen in how it can transform entire neighborhoods, with violence and unfair treatment stopping. The heart of this good news isn’t about trying to be better people or everyone working together. It’s about having faith in Jesus, who died for our wrongdoings, came back to life, and will come back to judge.

3. Faith in the resurrection means you let go of your conditions

Thomas didn’t believe that Jesus had been resurrected until he saw Jesus’ wounds with his own eyes. Then he fully declared his faith. This kind of faith, without any conditions or expectations, is what really connects us to the resurrected Jesus, making us brave witnesses. To really connect with Jesus, we need to let go of our desire to control, recognize what Jesus has done for us, and develop a personal relationship with Him, without any conditions.



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