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Blueprint for Revival: Social Concern

Tim Keller |  September 2, 1990

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  • Mercy & Justice
Luke 10:25-37
RS 212-07

Luke 10:25–37

Jesus’s conversation with a law expert shows us that living in God’s kingdom now is more important than relying on good actions or following every law to reach heaven. We need to understand why the laws exist, truly love God and people, and accept that we can’t follow every law perfectly. We need to look to Christ for our salvation. Living a good life means caring for others and having a generous heart.

1. What is diaconal service ministry?

In the Bible, one of the main jobs of the church is to help others by doing acts of love and kindness. This means actually doing helpful things, not just talking about it or believing in it. When the church does loving deeds, it shows the world how the gospel can change lives and helps fulfill its global mission.

2. Is it necessary?

Having a changed heart is a key result of experiencing God’s grace. This is something every Christian and the whole church needs to respond to. It’s not an optional thing; it’s a divine command we need to follow.

3. What are the dimensions of it?

God’s love is for everyone and includes everyone, not just certain people or groups. It extends to anyone we meet and can help. This means it’s important to love and help everyone, without leaving anyone out.

4. What is the impact of this kind of ministry?

In Jesus’s story of the Good Samaritan, a law expert is forced to see how a Samaritan, who was often looked down upon, showed mercy and kindness. This story shows how understanding and kindness can break barriers and change prejudiced views. The early Christians were so generous and caring that even a Roman Emperor took notice. This shows how big an impact acts of love and service can have on society.

5. Where does this ministry of loving deeds come from?

The real reason for doing acts of love should come from love and compassion, just like Jesus showed us. Understanding the gospel and knowing we’re sinners saved by grace moves Christians to help those in need, living out the idea that it’s more blessed to give than to receive. Instead of feeling guilty or defensive, we should focus on helping others, motivated by God’s grace.



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