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The Justice of God

Tim Keller |  May 15, 2011

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  • Mercy & Justice
Psalm 146:1-10
RS 330-02


Many people accuse the Bible of being a document that promotes oppression and injustice—but that’s not true at all. This text tells us God is a God of justice, and that, to walk with God, we must love mercy (our heart motivation) and do justice (the life we’re supposed to live). Therefore, Micah 6:8 actually summarizes what it means to be a follower of God by saying, “Do justice.” This sermon will look at “doing justice” under three headings: 1) The life of justice; 2) The God of justice, and 3) How to live a life of justice before God.

Understanding Justice in Psalm 146:1–10

We often talk about justice, but do we really understand what it means to live a life shaped by it, especially as believers? The Bible, particularly in Micah 6:8, teaches us that being humble before God involves understanding justice. It’s not about promoting unfairness; rather, it’s about realizing that God is a God of justice.

1. What does a life of justice look like?

In the Bible, the Hebrew word “mishpat” is used for justice. It’s not just about punishing those who do wrong. It’s also about actively helping those who are vulnerable. This includes people like widows, orphans, immigrants, and the poor. Justice goes beyond simple charity. It means providing basic needs and standing up for those who are treated unfairly. This idea is not confined to any political system but should be a universal principle.

2. Understanding God as a God of justice

The Bible shows us a God who is strong and uses His power to help those who are weak. He defends those who can’t defend themselves and cares for those who don’t have anyone else to care for them. Unlike gods in ancient stories who only cared about the rich and powerful, our God loves and supports the neediest in society. As Christians, our care for the poor should reflect the character and glory of God.

3. How to live a life of justice in God’s eyes

Living a life of justice is not just about believing in a God of justice. It also includes actively praising and worshipping God. This helps us develop a heart for justice, teaching us to love our neighbors and commit to helping the oppressed. The cross is our guide in this journey. It teaches us to approach justice with grace, humility, and kindness.



The Justice of God

By Tim Keller


By Tim Keller


By Tim Keller

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