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Born of the Spirit

Tim Keller |  January 28, 2001

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  • The Holy Spirit
Titus 3:1-7; 2:11-15
RS 126-2

Titus 3:1–7; 2:11–15

Paul’s letter to Titus gives us two important summaries of what it means to be a Christian. These summaries teach us about salvation and being born again, ideas that go against the typical ideas of power and respect in our society. When we think about what these themes mean, we understand the amazing power of the Holy Spirit and how it matters in our daily lives.

1. What is it all about?

The Greek word “paliggenesia” means the renewal of everything. This is an idea that Jesus used to explain the end of the world where all sad things will turn into joy. When Jesus comes back, this transformation will happen, and everything wrong will be made right. Christians get a glimpse of this future through the Holy Spirit. This shows us the importance of completely giving ourselves to Jesus, becoming Christians, and being born again into a community that lives by the values of God’s kingdom. This highlights the power of faith to change lives.

2. How does it work?

The power of God’s love to change lives is shown in the lives of John and Charles Wesley, founders of the Methodist Church. They went through a deep spiritual change after they struggled with their faith. They accepted Jesus as their source of wisdom and righteousness, and this was a big part of the Great Awakening and bringing American culture together. This shows the importance of trusting Jesus as our savior and the power of God’s love to save us, not just our good actions. It encourages us to understand and accept God’s love, which motivates us to live a good life and recognize God’s kingdom.



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