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Who Is the Spirit?

Tim Keller |  July 4, 2010

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  • The Holy Spirit
John 14:16-26
RS 323-01


Many people feel as if they understand who God the Father is and who Jesus is, but they become confused about the Holy Spirit. In this sermon, Tim Keller explains who the Holy Spirit is and clarifies misunderstandings about what the Holy Spirit is not. In the process, he shows what it means for the Holy Spirit to dwell richly in us.

John 14:16–26

Studying about the Holy Spirit helps us understand who he is, what he does, and the amazing gifts he gives us. This helps us see the deep connection between the Spirit and the truth. This is a really important base for learning more about the Holy Spirit.

1. Who the Holy Spirit is

The Holy Spirit is like a friend living in the heart of every Christian. He can feel things like love, sadness, and anger. The Holy Spirit, Jesus, and God the Father make up the Trinity – that’s one God in three persons. When we understand that the Holy Spirit is a real person, it brings us joy and strength. This understanding changes us because we realize we have a piece of God inside us, guiding our actions and decisions.

2. What the Holy Spirit does

The Holy Spirit, who is also the Spirit of truth and the one who inspired the Bible, fills believers with wisdom and a new way of seeing things. He makes the words of the Bible come alive, helps us when we’re scared or doubting, and protects us against wrong accusations and temptations. Like a good friend, a counselor, or a lawyer on our side, the Holy Spirit guides us to become who we’re meant to be.

3. How you can receive what he gives

It’s really important to accept and use the gifts the Holy Spirit offers. Jesus is shown as the main Counselor and helper. When we feel guilty or like we’ve failed, it’s comforting to know that Jesus is speaking on our behalf, asking not just for mercy but for our complete pardon. The Holy Spirit’s work on earth is to make Jesus known and followed, inspiring us to be selfless like him and depend on the Spirit’s guidance to honor God with our lives.



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