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Built Together: Redeemer’s Organization Service

Tim Keller |  June 2, 1991

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  • Purpose and Calling
  • The Church (Unity, Fellowship, Leadership)
  • The Bible
Ephesians 2:14-22
IS 16

Ephesians 2:15–22

The creation of a church is like God sending out a healing force to soothe the world’s hurt and sorrow. When we come together to worship, we become channels for this healing power, ready to defeat evil and suffering. Seeing the church as a sacred temple helps us understand God better and our connection with Him.

1. Why do we have to be built together?

The Bible likens us to bricks in a large building, showing our need to be part of something bigger than ourselves. This challenges the idea that we should only care about our own success and reminds us that we need guidance from a higher power. Understanding our role in God’s grand plan frees us from the stress of trying to fit into other belief systems.

2. How do we get built together?

To fully become part of God’s divine building, we need to understand its depth, height, and breadth. Depth means grounding ourselves in God’s foundation, while height involves aligning with the building’s purpose. Breadth is about fitting in with the other components, ensuring a unified structure that represents God’s sacred temple.

1. Depth

The church’s foundation lies in the unchanging truth that apostles and prophets share through God’s Word. Ignoring this foundation is like denying a firm truth, making it difficult to determine right from wrong based on science, society, or personal beliefs. The nuanced truth of the Bible, acknowledging we are both sinners and victims needing inner change and respect, makes a church based on God’s Word hard for the world to understand.

2. Height

The main role of the church is to link people with God’s presence and power, going beyond just forming a community, teaching the Bible, or helping the poor. Truly being part of the church means admitting our sins and accepting Jesus Christ as the foundation of our lives. Regularly encountering God’s presence in the church lets His love and wisdom overcome any fear or rejection, meeting our deep need for a divine connection and giving our lives meaning.

3. Breadth

Being a part of the church means submitting to God’s Word and welcoming His Spirit, not seeking personal happiness alone. This requires building and maintaining relationships with other members, supporting each other, confessing sins, praying together, and promoting love and good deeds. We should continually broaden our circle of relationships within the church community.

1. How are you doing when it comes to living under the authority of the Word of God?

Our human condition is marked by deep flaws and brokenness, showing our need for redemption and healing, and emphasizing that we can’t save ourselves. It’s only through God’s grace and mercy, and through Christ, that we can find true healing and change.

2. How are you coming in your access to him?

Making time to seek God’s presence is vital, as is experiencing the richness of His resources. Persistent worry and fear might indicate that we’re not relying on His provision. Reflecting on our priorities and making sure we’re seeking His grace can lead to a more fulfilling, peaceful life.

3. Are your relationships with other Christians what they ought to be?

Striving for reconciliation, offering friendship, and sharing others’ burdens are key Christian practices. Acknowledging our faults and limited knowledge of God, we should seek a deeper experience of His presence and commit to building relationships within the Christian community. May we all fully surrender to God, becoming a sacred temple in His name.



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