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Channels of His Power

Tim Keller |  March 17, 1991

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  • Understanding the Gospel
John 6:1-14
RS 11-22

John 6:1–14

Jesus Christ has an amazing power to make seemingly small things into big blessings, just like how He used a young boy’s small lunch to feed a large crowd. This miracle shows that the stories in the Gospel are true and that you can trust in the Christian faith. Being a Christian isn’t about giving things up, but instead it’s about joy and abundance, showing us the incredible power of God.

1. You cannot be a channel of his power until you see your own powerlessness

Jesus shows us that we can’t do everything on our own, and we need to recognize this in order to tap into His divine power. Thinking we can handle everything by ourselves keeps us from seeing our own limitations and stops us from letting Jesus’ power work through us. As we start to feel powerless in different parts of life, Jesus teaches us to turn this feeling into a source of His strength.

2. You have to put everything you have in his hands

Just like the young boy who gave his lunch to Jesus, we need to trust and obey God, knowing He can use our small offerings for greater purposes. We should try to live according to God’s ways, showing kindness, love, and forgiveness. No matter what we’ve done in the past, Jesus accepts us and can use His power to help us grow and receive His blessings.



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