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Christ and the World

Tim Keller |  May 12, 1991

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  • The Church (Unity, Fellowship, Leadership)
  • Understanding the Gospel
John 7:1-17
RS 11-29

John 7:1–9

Jesus’ words show a natural clash between His followers and the world. This clash can help us identify real faith. Jesus also helps us understand how the world thinks, its hostility, and where it can find hope. These insights are important for the church’s purpose and for showing Jesus’ genuine love for the world.

1. What does Jesus teach us about how the world thinks?

When Christians talk about worldliness, they don’t mean enjoying the physical world or people, but rather when these things become our top priorities. This way of thinking can lead to problems like materialism and the belief that there is no absolute truth, which contrasts with a Christian viewpoint that values what’s unseen and eternal, puts eternal values before temporary wants, and trusts in God’s control. By moving away from worldly thinking, Christians can experience amazing things like courage, stability, compassion, patience, and wisdom.

2. What does Jesus teach us about the world’s dislike or hatred?

Living a life focused on eternity can sometimes lead to criticism or misunderstanding, like when acts of kindness or justice go against what the world considers normal. It’s important to find a balance; constant criticism may mean we’re being annoying, while no criticism at all could mean we’re not standing up for our beliefs. Following Christ requires us to be both attractive and challenging to the world, instead of just fitting in.

3. What does Jesus teach us about the world’s hope?

There is comfort and hope for those who feel lonely or face criticism because of their faith. Jesus, even though he was perfect, was misunderstood and felt lonely, so he understands this pain deeply. His mission wasn’t just to do miracles, but to change enemies into friends through his self-giving death. He invites us to accept him as our Savior and King and to experience his deep love.



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