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Come and See

Tim Keller |  November 15, 1998

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  • Understanding the Gospel
John 1:35-51
RS 96-1


All of us need to come and see Jesus. For skeptics and seekers “come and see” means to come, think, and examine the evidence. For Christians “come and see” means to come and be a disciple of Jesus. We often think we are following Jesus, but we are really just following our own hearts. We must always strive to see Jesus as He is, not as we would have Him be. Finally, “come and see” means processing everything with friends. It means being part of a church where people encourage one another to “come and see” Jesus.

John 1:35–51

When Jesus met his first followers, it wasn’t just about religion or spirituality, but an invitation to connect with a real, living person. This story isn’t just important because it happened, but because it bridges the gap between religion and spirituality. The key to this connection with Jesus is in the words “Come and see.”

1. “Come and see” means come and think; check out the facts

Jesus wanted his followers to think critically about his life and teachings. This is different from modern spirituality that often rejects belief and traditional religion that discourages asking questions. The gospel accounts are like firsthand reports, daring readers to decide for themselves. Either Jesus was just a good man and the Bible is filled with legends, or he is the God who created everything and came to save us all.

2. “Come and see” means come and follow; change your life

When Jesus says “come”, he’s inviting us on a life-changing journey, not just asking us to believe in something. This journey, much like a marriage, needs a close, personal relationship with Jesus, and following his teachings even when they’re hard for us. To truly follow Jesus, we must depend on the Bible’s absolute truth and resist the temptation to make Jesus into someone who fits our own ideas.

3. “Come and see” means talk about this with friends

Often, we get to know Jesus and form a personal relationship with Him through a friend’s help, just like John the Baptist, Andrew, Peter, Philip, and Nathanael did in the Bible. Christianity isn’t just an idea, it’s meeting a Person, so having spiritually mature friends is important for understanding and applying spiritual truths. Joining a small group can help beginners in their spiritual journey, while those further along should be patient, brave, and humbly confident when talking about Jesus.

4. “Come and see” means come and be amazed

Jesus invites us to personally explore and experience truths that go beyond simple explanations, taking us on a journey of self-discovery. Jesus’ unique ability to see and understand us, like Nathanael discovered, shows his unmatched role as a counselor, friend, and lover. The life-changing power of Jesus’ love and call is beautifully shown in the letters between C.S. Lewis and a young girl.



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