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Considering the Great Love of God

Tim Keller |  September 10, 2000

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  • God's Love
Psalm 107:31-43
RS 121-1


Modern people take the idea of a loving God, which is only found in the Bible, for granted. Yet, the biblical idea of God is so much richer than any simple conception of a loving God. God is both a lover and a king; God is both a judge and a Savior. It is only when we see the tension between all of God’s characteristics that we can truly ponder the love of God.

Thinking about Psalm 107:1–31, 43

Psalm 107 is a wonderful reminder of God’s love and how it can change our hearts and lives. It’s important to understand and reflect on this love to grow spiritually and personally.

1. Where can we find God’s love?

The idea that God loves us isn’t something that everyone naturally understands. Not all religions believe in a God who is personal and loving, and it’s not something we can figure out just by looking at the world around us. To really understand God’s love, we need to look at the Bible and understand the story of creation, the fall, and God’s plan to save us.

2. What are we supposed to think about?

The writer of this Psalm talks about four different groups of people – those without a home, prisoners, sick people, and those caught in a storm – all of them have different needs, but God cares for them all the same. This shows us that God is not just one thing – He is a father, a king, a healer, and a friend. We shouldn’t try to make God simpler than He is. We need to accept and engage with all parts of His character.

3. How does thinking about God in this way change us?

When we think about all the different ways that God shows His love, we can understand His grace and love better. This can make us feel grateful and amazed, even when we realize that we’re not perfect. The cross is a powerful symbol of God’s love. It shows us that He wants to save everyone, even those who have made mistakes and turned away from Him.



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