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Contentment (10th)

Tim Keller |  January 28, 1990

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  • The Ten Commandments
Philippians 4:10-13
RS 1-13

Philippians 4:10–13

Paul’s letter to the Philippians teaches us how to be content no matter what’s happening around us. This can be tough, especially in places where people have a lot but don’t feel satisfied inside. Being content isn’t something only a few people can do, it’s a command from God. It’s tied to not wanting what others have and loving God with all our heart. Becoming content helps us live honestly, purely, and kindly, but we can’t do it without God’s help.

1. Why we need it

Paul talks about how we all want a perfect happiness that we can’t really reach. People often miss or misunderstand this idea. He shows how trying to find happiness in stuff or in other people doesn’t work and often leaves us disappointed. Even psychology doesn’t have all the answers. Real happiness comes from loving God deeply and learning to be content, no matter what’s going on around us.

2. What it is

Real contentment comes from knowing God is enough and caring more about what He thinks than what other people think. It means loving God more than we want people to love us. This shows how important God’s love and presence in our lives really are.

3. How to get it

How Christians see themselves is based on their relationship with God, not on what other people think or how they feel about themselves. This relationship with God gives stability no matter what’s happening, because it doesn’t depend on outside circumstances. True contentment and strength come from relying on God, recognizing we need Him, and trusting in the strength Christ gives us.



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