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David Prepares His People

Tim Keller |  September 20, 2009

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  • Stewardship, Generosity and Money
1 Chronicles 29:1-20
RS 315-15

1 Chronicles 29:1–20

Looking at the later part of King David’s life, we see a big challenge for the people of Israel. They find their solution in God’s presence in the temple, which comes about through a certain act and a pledge. These parts – the challenge, God’s presence, the act, and the pledge – are key to understanding the spiritual lessons in Chronicles.

1. The challenge

The people of Israel are afraid as David’s life draws to a close. They’re used to having specific people, like David, to connect them to God. When those people aren’t around, they get anxious. This shows how we can end up putting too much importance on human go-betweens to God. David guides his people towards a solution, reminding them that experiencing God’s work isn’t limited to just one person.

2. God’s presence

David’s plan to build a temple wasn’t about making himself look good. It was about inviting God into people’s lives. The Ark of the Covenant stands for God’s presence. It’s not something we can control, manipulate, or limit to any object, ritual, or human leader. It’s important to seek God directly, knowing that while He can’t be controlled, we can still welcome Him into our lives.

3. The act

The talk about money is really about fully dedicating ourselves to God, not about chasing material things. True discipleship means we surrender completely to God, not trying to control or use Him for our own benefit. Even though it’s impossible for us to be completely dedicated, there’s hope in seeking God for who He is, serving Him for His own sake, and treating Him as a personal, not mechanical, being.

4. The pledge

God’s pledge to David was that one of his descendants would build a temple and establish an everlasting kingdom. This pledge comes true in Jesus Christ, who connects heaven and earth. Jesus’ sacrifice brought God’s presence into our lives, making the divine accessible to us. If we believe in Jesus, we invite the Holy Spirit into our lives, which leads to devotion, generosity, creativity in sharing the good news, and a desire to be close to God.



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