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How Money Makes Us Fools

Tim Keller |  November 16, 1997

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  • Stewardship, Generosity and Money
Luke 12:13-21
RS 84-1


Money is not a peripheral subject for Jesus. Jesus is always concerned about the hearts of His followers, and He constantly teaches about money because our attitude towards money is a window into our hearts. We put our trust in money instead of trusting in God. We look to money for the security that only God can provide. Yet, when we see how Jesus gave up his heavenly riches in order to draw near to us, we can forsake our earthly riches in order to draw near to Him.

Luke 12:13–21

Chapter 12 of Luke’s gospel presents Jesus’ deep insights on how we should handle wealth and possessions. He warns against greed and reminds us that the value of our lives isn’t based on what we own. To further emphasize this point, Jesus tells a story about a rich man who mistakenly puts too much importance on his wealth. This isn’t a call for monetary donations, but a lesson on how Jesus views wealth and possessions.

1. The question

When there’s a disagreement about inheritance, it shows how important Jesus’ teachings about money and its right use are. When we, as Christians, give, it’s more than just a duty—it’s a display of our faith, hope, and love, and it’s crucial for expressing our worship, love, and service. The fact that Jesus often talks about money shows how important it is in our lives as Christians, as it can reflect God’s kindness and how He can change lives.

2. The denial

Jesus is portrayed as a divine figure who demands our total commitment. He offers a bridge between our reality and a higher ideal. The decision to follow Him or not is critical—it can lead to either respect or fear and hostility. The temporary nature of material things and worldly projects is emphasized, reminding us to focus on building a personal relationship with Jesus and nurturing our spiritual well-being.

3. The correction

Money can sometimes make us forget spiritual truths, highlighting the importance of investing in eternal matters, like God’s kingdom, rather than just accumulating possessions. Our culture often wrongly treats money as something sacred while downplaying the importance of sex. As Christians, we should challenge this by being generous with our money and careful with our sexual behavior. True richness is found in reflecting Jesus’ righteousness and goodness, prioritizing love and fairness, and developing a strong emotional bond with God.



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