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Discipline of Desire (Part 1)

Tim Keller |  January 19, 1997

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  • Communion and Baptism
Psalm 63
RS 275-01


Only God can bring us to the place where we are earnestly seeking him. When we begin to experience a spiritual appetite for him and his presence, we will know that we belong to him.

Understanding Psalm 63

This talk explains the importance of connecting with God during worship, specifically using Psalm 63 as a guide. It aims to clear up confusion about spirituality and encourages us to understand and connect with God better. The Psalms are essential in helping us understand God’s presence and how seeking God can change us, even beyond our immediate needs and desires.

1. Be careful with what you fill up on

Sin can mislead our spiritual hunger, making us chase temporary pleasures like money, power, and physical desires. These distractions can cause us to lose sight of our real need for God. But, by obeying God and keeping a clean conscience, we can recognize our real hunger for God and resist these distractions.

2. Get to know God through the Bible

To truly long for God, we need to dive deep into His Word, the Bible, and understand all aspects of Him, not just the ones that benefit us, like His power or kindness. It’s essential to recognize His holiness, control over everything, and beauty. This full understanding can stir a deep desire for Him, just like the psalmist who said, “I see your power and your glory.”

3. God is there, even when He seems absent

Our longing for God shows His pursuit of us, even when He seems far away. When we pray or meditate, we should focus on thanking Him for who He is, instead of just asking Him for things. Knowing that our longing for God is a sign of His closeness can strengthen our relationship with Him, underlining the importance of spending time with Him and experiencing His presence.



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