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Duplicity: The Case of Peter

Tim Keller |  February 12, 1995

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  • Identity
  • Hope
Matthew 26:69-75
RS 57-4

Matthew 26:69–75

This passage about Peter denying Jesus, then being forgiven, shows us the deep importance of keeping our word. It tells us that a lot of life’s hardships come from not keeping promises, highlighting the need to mean what we say. In other words, the Christian faith asks us to be reliable, showing honesty in what we say and do.

1. How promises shape us

Our identity is formed by our promises and commitments, not our feelings. Without promises, we would be stuck in a world of confusion and doubt, without a clear understanding of who we are. Keeping promises is key to being a person of integrity and building a strong community, while breaking them can lead to losing trust and sense of self.

2. How we make promises

Looking at Peter’s story and how Jesus forgave him even after he messed up, shows us the difficulties and fears that come with making promises. This story emphasizes how crucial it is to keep our word, urging us to believe in the eventual victory of truth, justice, and goodness, and to reject a negative view of history. It shows Jesus’ steadfast commitment to keeping his promises, even when it was really tough, and calls us to follow this example of honesty and commitment. It also reminds us of the life-changing power of Jesus’ forgiveness.



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