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Easter Sermon and Testimonies

Tim Keller |  April 7, 1996

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  • Easter
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
John 20:10-18
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John 20:10–18

Easter has two parts to it – it’s a real event that happened in history, but it’s also a personal, life-changing experience. It’s like Christianity itself, which is about both facts and deep, personal experiences. Easter tells us that Jesus really did come back to life, but it also invites us to have our own lives changed by meeting this risen Jesus. We can see this in the story of Mary meeting Jesus in John 20:10-18. Here, Jesus helps her to trust him, calls her by her name, and gives her a new purpose in life.

1. He helps her to trust him

Even though Mary had seen Jesus do amazing things, she still found it hard to trust him completely. We can be like that too, finding it hard to trust Jesus even though we want to. But the good news is that Jesus helps us to trust him, even when we’re full of doubts. Just like he helped a father who asked him for help, Jesus uses our doubts and confusion to draw us closer to him.

2. He calls her by her name

Who we are isn’t about what other people think of us, or what we achieve in life. Those things can change, and they can leave us feeling disappointed. But Jesus knows us and values us, even when everything else is uncertain. Because Jesus came back to life, these things don’t define us anymore. Instead, we find who we really are in Jesus, which is a new start for our hearts and our minds.

3. He gives her a new purpose in life

The story shows us a woman whose life is changed when she finds Jesus. It reminds us that what really matters isn’t what we can get now, but what will last forever. Even though Mary was confused at first, her determination to find the truth led her to the reality of Jesus’ resurrection. The key lessons here are about seeking Jesus, being committed to finding the truth, and the important role of God’s kindness and our trust in him in this journey.



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