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Easter Sermon

Tim Keller |  April 7, 1996

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  • Easter
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
Matthew 28
IS 67

Understanding Matthew 28

When we discuss Jesus Christ rising from the dead, we usually focus on Matthew’s version. People often ask three main questions about this event: Can it really happen? Did it really happen? And does it matter if it did? Matthew’s writing gives us insights into these questions.

1. Can it really happen?

Some people quickly dismiss the idea of resurrection. But if we believe in a God who created life, it’s logical to think that He could also bring life back. To ignore this idea without really thinking about it isn’t fair or honest.

2. Did it really happen?

Matthew’s description of Jesus’ resurrection counters the idea that the New Testament stories were made up. He talks about an empty tomb and a theory that someone stole Jesus’ body. The fact that women were the first witnesses, the quick spread of Christianity, the willingness of early Christians to die for their beliefs, their kindness, and the life-changes they underwent all support the truth of the resurrection.

3. Does it matter if it happened?

Matthew’s story of the resurrection highlights the importance of gathering together to worship, even when we have doubts. He shows us that understanding this event isn’t just about evidence—it requires a whole-hearted commitment. When we commit to Jesus, we’re promised a relationship with Him and a life that doesn’t lead to a dead end.

1. Everyone’s invited

When Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene and another Mary, he showed that his love is for everyone, no matter who they are or what they’ve done. We’re saved not by our own efforts, but by His death and resurrection. This teaches us to look past things like looks, wealth, race, or status.

2. Close relationship

The women at the tomb held onto Jesus, showing that his teachings weren’t just words—they were part of who he was. Unlike the Old Testament’s distant God, Jesus’ sacrifice brings us close to Him, despite our mistakes. This means Christianity isn’t about following rules—it’s about having a personal relationship with Jesus. If we don’t feel His presence, it’s worth questioning our faith.

3. No dead ends

After rising from the dead, Jesus told his followers to share his teachings and promised to always be with them. Even though they would face death, their faith in him would lead to growth and change. The resurrection shows that death isn’t the end for believers, and that our struggles can actually bring us closer to our ultimate goal. Everything we need can be found in Jesus, who is alive.



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