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Encountering the Risen King (Easter)

Tim Keller |  March 27, 2016

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John 20:1-18
RS 365-05

Sermon Summary

Exploring the narrative of Mary Magdalene’s encounter with the risen Jesus, the sermon draws parallels between the skepticism surrounding a large inheritance letter and the resurrection. It accentuates the unique promise of the resurrection – a new existence in a rejuvenated world, a genuine homeland where we can dwell with our loved ones and God. The doctrine of resurrection is portrayed as logical, compassionate, personal, and extraordinary.

1. The resurrection of Jesus is rational

The rationality of the Christian resurrection teaching is rooted in evidence and reasoning, as demonstrated by the early disciples’ fervent search for comprehension upon discovering the empty tomb. The historical significance of Mary Magdalene, a woman, being the first to witness Jesus’ resurrection, coupled with the hundreds of eyewitnesses willing to die for their belief, further substantiates this. The transformation of early Christians’ lives and their readiness to die for their faith, along with the mercy displayed in Jesus’ appearance to Mary, underline the profound impact of the resurrection.

2. The resurrection of Jesus is merciful

Mary Magdalene’s limited comprehension of Jesus, despite her deep love for him, illuminates the human struggle to comprehend divine realities. The story stresses the necessity of Jesus’ intervention in revealing himself, as faith is unattainable without his enlightenment. Furthermore, Jesus’ choice of Mary Magdalene, a reformed mental patient, as his ambassador, indicates that salvation is not contingent on social status, morality, talent, or good deeds.

3. The resurrection of Jesus is personal

Faith in the resurrection is grounded in grace, acknowledging that salvation comes through Jesus, not our own efforts. The resurrection is a deeply personal event, with Jesus revealing himself as a living Savior who seeks a personal relationship, offering true identity through his love. Despite ascending to heaven, Jesus ensures his continued presence and love through the Holy Spirit, allowing us to understand our true selves and fulfill our purpose through faith in his death and resurrection.



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