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Enduring Grace

Tim Keller |  March 10, 2002

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  • Discipleship and Spiritual Growth
  • Christian Living and Obedience
1 Corinthians 9:23-27; 10:11-13
RS 145-08

1 Corinthians 9:23–27; 10:11–13; 13:7

Let’s look at the difference between a heart that just follows moral rules and one that’s changed on the inside. We’ll see that being good doesn’t always mean being selfless. We’re going to focus on self-control, an important quality that’s often missing in people fighting off bad habits or trying to control their thoughts, words, or actions. Paul’s life shows us some key things about self-control and how we can grow in it.

1. Three key points about what self-control really is

Self-control isn’t just about trying hard. It’s about following what you love most. To have self-control, your heart has to be united, with one goal that shapes all your desires and actions. It’s not about trying to organize your life, but rather it comes naturally when the good news of Jesus changes your heart.

2. Ways to grow in self-control and live it out

You find true freedom and self-control when you serve others and God, not just yourself. To grow in self-control, you need a strong relationship with God, the help of other people, and a focus on God’s faithfulness and Jesus’ self-sacrifice. Realizing that we bring joy to Jesus motivates us to put him first in our lives.



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