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Everyone with a Ministry

Tim Keller |  September 25, 2011

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  • Sharing Your Faith
  • The Church (Unity, Fellowship, Leadership)
1 Peter 2:4-12
RS 332-02


This passage assumes a dynamic of gospel ministry that takes the gospel deeper and deeper to bring about all kinds of changes. What does this ministry look like? And why does Peter call Jesus the cornerstone? This sermon uncovers who the bearers of the gospel ministry are and how to get the power for that gospel ministry.

Everyone with a Ministry – Video Preview

1 Peter 2:4–12

1 Peter 2 paints a picture of the church as a spiritual home, built of living stones, where followers of Christ, chosen by God, are a holy priesthood. Even though some people don’t understand Jesus’ message, believers are labeled as a chosen group, a royal priesthood, and a holy nation, with the job of proclaiming God’s greatness. This idea is the backbone of the Catalyst initiative, which hopes to shape the church to reflect this reality, providing guidance for those wavering in their faith, and shedding light on the essence of gospel ministry, its messengers, and where its power comes from.

1. The dynamic of gospel ministry

The gospel’s power to change lives isn’t a one-time thing, but a constant process of growth and transformation. Looking at Peter and James, we see how the gospel can greatly change attitudes and behaviors. True ministry is gospel ministry, and when this message is deeply rooted in our hearts and lives, it leads to social change and personal growth, proving that the church can only truly change lives when it’s centered on the gospel and actively involved in gospel ministry.

2. Who is supposed to do that?

In many cultures and religions, temples are the connection between humans and the divine, with priests offering sacrifices for forgiveness. Christianity, though, shakes up this idea by declaring that Jesus himself is the ultimate sacrifice, temple, and priest, which makes these institutions unnecessary and empowers every believer to be a temple, priest, and prophet. Early Christianity grew because of the holy lives and outspoken faith of believers, underlining the importance of living a holy life, sharing beliefs, and actively spreading the gospel to make a real difference in the community.

3. Where do you get the power for something like this?

Jesus’ role as the cornerstone means he’s the foundation of our lives, and we need to build our lives trusting and depending on him. When we see his amazing beauty and value, everything else seems less appealing. Even though Jesus was rejected, his grace and forgiveness give us the power to spread the gospel and make a difference, turning us into strong rocks and powerful agents for change in the world.



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