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Fall Into the Ground

Tim Keller |  March 25, 2001

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  • Understanding the Gospel
John 12:20-33
RS 127-3

John 12:20–33

In John 12, Jesus talks about his death like a grain of wheat that must die to produce a big harvest. This is a powerful way to understand the importance of his sacrifice. To really understand this, we need to look at three things: the shock, the beauty, and the challenge of his death on the cross.

1. The shock of the cross

Jesus’ death, as we see in the book of John, judges the world’s values and also blesses people. The cross is powerful because it flips our usual thinking upside down. It says that being humble and serving others is better than being powerful or successful. The growth of Christianity in ancient Rome, helped by Christians’ selfless love during times of sickness, shows how life-changing this different way of thinking can be.

2. The beauty of the cross

The cross is a strange symbol—it represents shame, but it also calls us to it. Jesus’ death showed weakness, but it also speaks to our hearts in a way that draws us towards its beauty instead of worldly distractions. Understanding this balance—the shock and pull of the cross—is important. Simply believing isn’t enough. Real Christianity means loving God for who He is and what He’s done, not just for what He can do for us.

3. The challenge of the cross

The cross asks a lot of us. It makes us think deeply about what Jesus’ sacrifice means and how we need to give our whole selves to God. It reminds us of how Jesus felt completely alone when he died, showing us how much he gave up and how close we can be to God because of it. It makes us think about how we’re responding to the cross and whether we’re truly accepting its life-changing power.



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