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Jim Om |  July 18, 1999

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  • Discipleship and Spiritual Growth
  • Forgiveness
  • Understanding the Gospel
Acts 13:32-40
RS 105-06

Luke 17:3–19

In the book of Luke, Jesus teaches us the importance of forgiveness, even when we are wronged multiple times. He tells a story about a hardworking servant to show that forgiving others is a key part of being a follower of Jesus. He also talks about how even a little faith can make a big difference. The chapter ends with a story about ten men with a skin disease who are healed by Jesus, and only one comes back to say thank you, showing the power of gratitude and faith.

1. Why do we need it?

It’s important to think about how we react when someone does something wrong to us. It can be easy to let feelings of anger and hurt take over without realizing it. Unforgiveness is like a hidden root of bitterness that can take over and change us if we don’t deal with it. Forgiveness is the key to healing and moving on from past wrongs.

2. What does it mean to forgive?

Forgiveness is complicated. It means feeling empathy for the person who hurt you, taking on their debt, and wanting good things for them. It’s important to remember that people are complex and not defined by their mistakes. Real forgiveness, which is needed to fix relationships and bring about justice, is blocked when we isolate the person who hurt us or ourselves. Seeking revenge only leads to more pain.

3. How do we get it?

The gospel helps us understand how to forgive. It reminds us that we are servants, not owners. When we see Jesus as our Owner, who became a servant and paid our debt, it can make it easier to forgive others. By seeing our experiences as part of the story of Jesus’ sacrifice, we can find the strength to forgive.




By Jim Om

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