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God at Work

Tim Keller |  August 25, 2013

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Psalm 111
RS 340-08


At first glance, Psalm 111 seems to be a generic recitation of the great things God has done for his people. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. If you read consecutively, Psalm 111 and 112 look a lot alike—and there are remarkable links between the two.

Psalm 111 describes the great God, and Psalm 112 describes a great, flourishing, happy life. The links between the two are unmistakable. If you want the life of Psalm 112, you need to know the God of Psalm 111.

This psalm teaches us about 1) a powerful, involved God, 2) a supernaturally changed life, and 3) the way to connect the power of God to your life.



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