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God Only Wise

Tim Keller |  May 22, 2011

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  • God the Father
Job 28:9-15; 20-28
RS 330-03


If you are facing a difficulty you don’t know how to bear, a decision you don’t know how to make, or a complicated relationship you don’t know how to navigate, what you’re feeling is the need for wisdom. This simple yet profound passage is a great poetic hymn to wisdom, and it shows us that we can only find wisdom in God. In this sermon, we will see 1) The absolute importance of wisdom; 2) The only source of wisdom (God); and 3) How you can get wisdom.

Job 28:9–15, 20–28

The story of Job teaches us that true wisdom and understanding are not found in the physical world or through wealth, but only in God. Wisdom is essential for us to handle challenges, make good decisions, and manage relationships. It comes from respecting God and avoiding evil. These are the key lessons: wisdom is extremely important, it comes only from God, and we can gain it in certain ways.

1. The absolute importance of wisdom

Wisdom is more important than material things because it means using knowledge and understanding, not just following rules. It involves knowing yourself, understanding the world around you, and making good decisions based on that understanding. Wisdom helps us deal with complex situations where simple rules may not apply.

2. You can only find wisdom in God

God is the only source of true wisdom because He understands life’s complexities and knows the right way to go. The Bible portrays God as a joyful artist and craftsman, whose orderly creation suggests a moral universe where actions have consequences. Even though the world is broken, God works through this complexity, bringing about salvation. This shows us that any wisdom that doesn’t come from God is foolishness.

3. How you can get wisdom for yourself

While wisdom comes from God, we can grow in it by respecting and being in awe of Him. Seeing fear as a positive feeling, like awe or reverence, can help us understand life’s complexities better. Trusting God, especially during hard times, and surrendering to His will, like Jesus did when He died on the cross, is the way to handle difficulties and receive forgiveness for our sins.



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