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God Our Friend

Tim Keller |  September 24, 2000

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  • God the Father
  • God's Love
Exodus 33:7-34:8
RS 121-3

Exodus 33:7–34:8

When we talk about being friends with God, we see Him in many ways: as a Father, a Friend, a Lover, and a King. If we only focus on one part of who God is, we may miss the full picture. Knowing why it’s important to be friends with God, what that friendship looks like, and how we can attain it can help us have a well-rounded spiritual life.

1. Why is it important?

Moses used to go to the Tent of Meeting to seek advice from God. When the people made a golden calf to worship, God suggested sending an angel to be with them, promising them success without His personal presence. But Moses and the people didn’t want that; they wanted a personal relationship with God more than anything else. This makes us think about our faith: are we only looking for God’s help when things are tough, or do we truly want to know Him better?

2. What is it?

Being friends with God is a lot like being friends with another person. There are three important things to remember: we should seek to spend time with God, be open and honest with Him, and trust Him completely. Just like with a friend, we should listen to God, connect with Him on a deep level, and support Him no matter what happens.

3. How do we receive it?

Moses wanted to see God’s glory, and his wish was granted while he was protected by a rock, which represents Jesus. This shows us that Jesus is our ultimate Friend, offering us salvation not just through His teachings, but also through His ongoing friendship, even when we let Him down. This friendship with God is like our human friendships; it fosters openness, forgiveness, and mutual growth. The best way to experience this divine friendship is through the Lord’s Supper, where we can truly feel Jesus’ selfless love.



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