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God Our Lover

Tim Keller |  October 1, 2000

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  • Marriage
  • God the Father
  • God's Love
Ezekiel 16:3-10,15-22,39-42,60-63
RS 121-4

Ezekiel 16:3–10, 15–22, 39–42, 59–63

The story in Ezekiel 16 shows four elements of God’s love: His longing for a close relationship with us, His honesty about our mistakes, and His efforts to heal and improve us. This tale helps us better grasp God’s intricate and multi-layered nature. It shows us that God isn’t one-sided, He’s a real and complex being.

1. The smitten lover

The theme of grace highlights the deep bond between God and mankind, a connection not based on what we deserve or chance, but on God’s deep desire to be close to His people. This bond is compared to a marriage, requiring total commitment, where every part of life is wrapped up in this union. It’s a relationship filled with shared joy, love, and an immense appreciation for God’s beauty and goodness, motivating believers to live as God’s delight.

2. The wounded lover

Sin isn’t just about breaking God’s rules, it’s about hurting God’s heart. It’s a big misunderstanding to see sin as just doing bad things; it’s more about wrongly prioritizing good things, which can lead to our own downfall. To understand sin, we need to see it as taking advantage of God’s openness and vulnerability.

3. The faithful lover

The balance between God’s unconditional and conditional promises in the Old Testament shows God’s tenderness and his ability to both reward and keep His promises. Atonement, or becoming one with God, is made possible by Jesus’ sacrifice and the need to believe in His death for our salvation. Christianity challenges traditional gender roles, calling all followers “sons of God” and “brides of Christ,” and stresses finding love and satisfaction in Jesus, regardless of whether you’re married or not.



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