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God With Us: In the City

Tim Keller |  December 11, 1994

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Hebrews 11:8-16
RS 53-13

Hebrews 11:8–16

Abraham’s story in Hebrews 11 is like a picture of how Christians should live. Sometimes, we feel like we don’t belong, sort of like how Abraham felt when he moved to a new place. The New Testament often talks about this, saying that Christians should look forward to being with God, just like Abraham did. There are three big ideas we can think about when it comes to Christians and their cities: God making cities, God sending people to cities, and God freeing us from cities.

1. God builds cities

God was the first one to build cities, but he didn’t just make them to be a picture of heaven. Cities are places where people can work together, be creative, and shape the world around them. But cities can also make bad things, like greed, get worse. That’s why Christians should work to make their cities better, just like God intended.

2. God sends people to cities

Abraham lived in a new place, serving God even when it wasn’t easy. He’s a good example for Christians. We can think about the Israelites living in Babylon, too. Christians should do their best to help out in their cities, showing love and care without falling for the bad stuff. When churches stay away from city problems and only stick to comfortable places, that’s not good. God’s work is more important than our comfort or safety.

3. God frees us from cities

As Christians, we should remember that our real home isn’t in the cities of this world, but in the place God has prepared for us in heaven. Jesus, who went through so much to save people, gives us the strength to deal with our own tough times. No matter how hard things get, the joy and love we find in following Jesus is worth so much more.



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