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God’s Promise to Noah

Tim Keller |  August 16, 1998

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  • Creation
Genesis 9:1-17
RS 294-11

Genesis 9:1–17

Looking at Genesis 9:1-17 helps us understand the deep connections between God, people, and the world around us. It shows us that even when things are imperfect and messy due to sin, we still have a responsibility to look after the earth. The promise God makes with all living creatures, represented by a rainbow, shows us two sides of God: as our Creator and our Savior. This promise reminds us that every person is sacred and anyone causing them harm will be held accountable. For those of us who believe, it’s important to live in a way that’s fair and takes care of others and the world. Understanding and experiencing God’s kindness can change us and help us live this way.



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