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Growth Through Hearing Truth (Part 1)

Tim Keller |  November 12, 1995

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James 1:19-21
RS 266-06

James 1:19–21

Being “born again” is a key part of being a Christian. It’s not just about asking for forgiveness and following Jesus’ teachings. It’s about experiencing a spiritual new birth and joining in God’s divine nature. This rebirth calls us to listen more, control our anger, and get rid of sinful habits. We might not see these changes right away, but by humbly accepting God’s Word and letting go of negative attitudes, we can unlock them.

1. What does it mean when he talks about the word planted in you?

God’s Word, the Bible, is more than just facts or knowledge. When we are born again, this Word becomes a life-changing truth that deeply touches our hearts. This Word becomes as necessary as food and air, touching our hearts and making us cherish the Bible. The powerful light of this living Word guides us to think about how it applies to our lives.

2. What does he mean by humbly accept?

Being a Christian involves fully accepting the whole Bible. If we only believe parts of the Bible, we might end up creating our own version of God instead of knowing the real, living God. To truly know God, we need to be humble, patient, and open to being changed by the lessons in the Bible.


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