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He Walked Along With Them

Tim Keller |  April 4, 2010

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Luke 24:15-27
IS 320

Understanding Luke 24:15–27

In the story of Jesus meeting two followers on the way to Emmaus, He sheds light on how His life, suffering, and glory had been foretold in the Scriptures. This story helps us explore what being a Christian means. It shows us the crux of faith – the tangible proof of Jesus’ resurrection and what it personally means to each one of us. The key question tackled here is how we can be sure that Christianity is true, especially by understanding the significance of Jesus’ resurrection.

1. Jesus’ resurrection really happened

The accounts in the Bible about Jesus’ resurrection are credible. The specific names and the less than flattering depiction of the disciples add to their authenticity. The disciples, once clueless, transformed into strong leaders and Paul, originally a devout Jew against Christianity, became a Christian leader. This change powerfully illustrates the impact of the resurrection. The existence of the Christian Church and the conversion of many Jews further support the fact of the resurrection. These events challenge traditional beliefs and offer insight into religious questions.

2. What Jesus’ resurrection means to us

Jesus’ resurrection means more than just a continuation of His teachings; it opens the door for a personal relationship with Him. This bond, often described as ‘walking with God’, involves total honesty, deep love, and significant personal growth. Through His human journey and sacrifice, Jesus has cleared a path for us to walk alongside Him, breaking down walls and bringing a sense of His divine presence into our lives.



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