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Healer of the World

Tim Keller |  December 9, 2007

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  • Prophecy
  • Mercy & Justice
  • Hope
Amos 8:4-10; 9:7-15
RS 199-2


The book of Amos addresses the issues of justice and injustice. In this sermon, we will see 1) The meaning of justice; 2) The sign of justice; and 3) The promise of justice.

Amos 8:4–10; 9:7–15

The book of Amos is like a loudspeaker, crying out against unfair treatment of the poor and dishonest behavior. It warns of God’s judgment but also promises that things can be put right again. The key idea here is justice – it’s like a spotlight on the growing gap between the rich and the poor and how important that is for achieving true peace as the Bible describes it. Real faith isn’t just about words or beliefs; it’s shown through acts of kindness and care for those who are often forgotten or treated poorly. This is the same kind of idea we hear in Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches about civil rights and the ongoing struggle for everyone to be treated equally.

3. The promise of justice

God’s promise is not just about remembering when we mess up. It comes with a hopeful message about a King who will return and a world that will be healed. This points towards the coming of a Savior who will set up a kingdom where people won’t be divided by race or hatred. In this future world, there will be plenty for everyone, and no one will have to deal with hunger, poverty, unfairness, sickness, or war. This is a special kind of hope that sets Christianity apart from other religions. This hope became real in Jesus, who took the punishment we deserved instead of giving it to us. And so, as Christians, we’re encouraged to stand up against suffering, unfairness, and evil, living out our faith in what we say and do.



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