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Healing Truth

Tim Keller |  March 29, 1992

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  • The Church (Unity, Fellowship, Leadership)
John 17:6-19
RS 26-13

John 17:6–24

When Jesus prayed for his friends, he asked for their safety, togetherness, and growth in faith. He wanted them to share in the amazing love and honor God gives. This is different from other religions where God and the world are the same. In Christianity, we share in God’s glory but also keep our unique selves. The Bible, or God’s Word, is essential in helping us grow in our Christian journey.

1. The truth makes us who we are as Christians

Being a Christian isn’t just about a one-time change, it’s about building a deep, personal connection with Jesus’ teachings. This goes beyond just knowing things in our heads, it’s about sticking to these teachings even when life gets tough. The key teaching or truth of Christianity is believing in Jesus’ perfect life and that He gives us this perfection too. This is the foundation of who we are as Christians.

2. The truth helps us grow as Christians

Interacting with the truth and getting help from other Christians is important for personal growth. Understanding and thinking deeply about the truth can help us through tough times and experience God’s power. Regular Bible reading, seeking to understand what God is saying, applying these teachings to our lives, and prayer can strengthen our faith, bring comfort, and encourage an active relationship with God.



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