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Tim Keller |  June 8, 1997

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  • Heaven and Hell
  • Hope
Revelation 21:21-22:5
RS 297-01


When the Bible speaks of the new heaven and the new earth, it is not speaking of an alternative to this world; it is speaking of the healing and restoration of this world. This gives Christians a reason to participate in restoring this fallen world. Furthermore, because Christians know that there is a perfect world coming, they don’t put all their hope in the current world. Christians can sacrificially serve others because they value the things of the coming world more than the things of this world.

Heaven: More than a Distant Dream

When we think about heaven, it’s not just about what happens after we die. C.S. Lewis, a famous Christian writer, described heaven as a beautiful music we’ve always known but have forgotten. The book of Revelation in the Bible, written to encourage people going through tough times, also reminds us that heaven matters here and now. Believing in heaven helps us live better lives, gives us hope, and motivates us to aim for more than just what we can see and touch.

1. Heaven: A Motivation for Good

The Bible doesn’t describe heaven as a way to escape from the world, but as a healing and restoration of it. Revelation 22 uses pictures like a tree, a river, and a world without curses to show this. This view helps Christians to face life’s problems head-on and reminds us that the story of Jesus can bring change and hope, even in the darkest times. Knowing that heaven is real motivates Christians to do good things and to put others before themselves.

2. Heaven: A Source of Strength

The book of Revelation was written during a time when Christians were being treated badly. It tells us to imagine heaven, a place far more wonderful than anything we can dream up. The Bible teaches that, no matter what we’re going through now, it’s nothing compared to the amazing things God has in store for us (Romans 8:18). To face tough times, we need to use our minds but also let the beauty of heaven inspire and give us strength.

3. Heaven: A Goal Beyond the World

Believing in heaven helps us not to put too much pressure on worldly goals and relationships, since they can’t fully satisfy our deepest longings. Understanding that heaven is real helps us to be willing to make sacrifices, deal with life’s ups and downs, and find joy in the world around us. The story of Jesus shows us how to do this. Heaven isn’t just about the future – it’s essential for living a life that matters here and now. Through Jesus, we can start to experience a bit of heaven even while we’re still on earth.



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