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Holy Father

Tim Keller |  March 1, 1992

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  • God the Father
  • Sanctification
John 17:1-20
RS 26-09

John 17:1–20

In Jesus’ prayer to God, He asks for His friends to be kept safe and to know God’s truth better. He emphasizes that they are special, they have a mission from God, and they should live in unity and love. Recognizing God’s holiness can make a big difference in our lives, helping us to feel peace, worry less, and see the good in others, because of God’s perfect love for us.

1. People who really know they’re children of a perfect Father, of a holy Father, do not live lives of critical irritability

When Jesus was with his friends in the garden of Gethsemane, He pointed out that even though they wanted to do right, they were still weak. Like Psalm 130 says, if God kept track of every mistake, no one could stand. But, God forgives, making us respect and fear Him. Knowing this, we should be less quick to criticize others and more thankful for God’s grace, seeing Him as a perfect and holy Father.

2. People who really know they’re children of a perfect Father, of a holy Father, aren’t defensive

How we respond to criticism can show a lot about our understanding of God’s love. If we get defensive, make excuses, or blame others, it might mean we don’t truly grasp how holy God’s love is. But if we respond humbly, admitting when we’re wrong, it shows a deep connection to God’s love, and a real understanding of His holiness.

3. People who really know they’re children of a perfect Father, of a holy

When Jesus was about to die, He stayed calm and confident because He knew His all-powerful Father was in control and loved Him. If we see God as our perfect and holy Father, we can overcome negative attitudes and self-pity, and want to obey Him out of love and respect, not fear. Believing in Jesus as our Savior and learning about God from the apostles is important to receive God’s promises and gifts, and to feel the peace, strength, and confidence that comes from knowing God as a holy Father.



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