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Holy People

Tim Keller |  March 8, 1992

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  • Sanctification
John 17:6-19
RS 26-10

John 17:6–19

John 17:6-19 captures a moment where Jesus talks to God. He says that he’s shared God’s message with the people God selected. Jesus prays for his disciples, asking God to keep them safe and united. He knows they’re set apart from the rest of the world and asks that they be made holy, or sanctified, through truth. Jesus prioritizes making his followers holy, which is a key part of being a Christian.

1. What is holiness?

Being holy means being completely dedicated to God. It’s more than just becoming a better person. It’s like an athlete who gives up certain things to reach their goal. Being holy changes every part of your life, which is why it’s important for Christians to live in a way that shows their faith.

2. Why should we be holy?

Jesus said, “for their sakes,” showing his commitment to making us the best we can be. He rules over everything, and his sacrifice paid our debt, making it possible for us to be holy. Thinking about his dedication helps us face any challenge without fear, knowing that the King of heaven is helping us become perfect.



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