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Wonderful Counselor

Tim Keller |  February 27, 2005

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  • Sanctification
Hebrews 3:12-13; 4:14-5:7
RS 181-04

Understanding Hebrews 3:12–13; 4:14–5:7

The book of Hebrews presents life as a journey that’s often difficult, like traveling through a wilderness. The word “parakaleō” from the original Greek can mean “encouragement” or “counseling,” showing us that we need daily advice to face life’s troubles. This makes us think about why we need counseling, what it should be like, where we can get it, and how to accept it.

1. Why do we need counseling?

Life can sometimes feel like a wild, confusing journey where even the best moments don’t last. We might feel that God is far away and hard to reach, which can make faith difficult. That’s why we need regular support and advice to keep our hope and humanity alive amidst these challenges.

2. What kind of counseling do we need?

In Hebrews, we see that Jesus’s method of helping others is both honest and kind, just like when he spoke to Martha and Mary. We need this balance of truth and kindness in our lives to give us support, cleanse us, and enrich our experiences.

3. Who can give it to us?

Jesus, having experienced human suffering, is the ultimate Counselor. He offers advice with compassion and understanding, while also calling for positive change. He’s both a holy priest and a powerful king. When he sacrificed himself on the cross, Jesus showed boundless love and justice, accepting us despite our mistakes and sins, which satisfies our deepest human needs.

4. How do we receive it?

Getting counseling isn’t just about seeking advice. It’s about accepting Christ as our guide, admitting our faults, and understanding what His sacrifice means for us. It also means helping and supporting each other as a community, becoming more like Jesus, and spreading His message. Finally, it’s about seeing our struggles as opportunities for change, believing that God hears us and will use these experiences to bring about good, just like Jesus’s suffering in the wilderness was for our benefit.



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