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Honey From the Rock

Tim Keller |  May 19, 2002

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Psalm 81
RS 148-07


Spiritual disciplines are the practical skills you have to be able to exercise in order to grow into the person God wants you to be. Psalm 81 shows us how to use various disciplines to handle the wilderness times of your life: the times of suffering, the times of pain, the times of difficulty.

Let’s look at four things that we can learn in this particular psalm: 1) life is a wilderness, 2) there’s a rock in the wilderness, 3) there’s honey in the rock, and 4) God has sent his son Jesus to pass the test in the wilderness (v.7) on our behalf. You yourself will become sweet, joyful, and beautiful through the work of Jesus Christ, who was tested in the wilderness and passed that test perfectly.

Psalm 81

Wilderness in the Bible is like a big sign pointing to the importance of hearing God, walking in His paths, and worshiping only Him. The world can’t meet our deepest needs and wants; only God can truly satisfy us. Even in tough times, we can discover hidden blessings and grow, and Jesus, who won over the wilderness, gives hope and change to those who believe in Him.



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