Tim Keller |  July 7, 2002

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  • God the Father
  • Worship
Psalm 95:1-11
RS 148-10


We all have troubles in life. How do we face troubles with peace, with rest, with equilibrium? I’ve come to realize it’s not mainly through petitionary prayer. Of course the Bible is filled with petition, where you go to God, and you make your needs known, and you ask for things. You should do that, but the ultimate and main way to handle the troubles of life with peace is through worship.

Psalm 95 is the classic text in the Bible about worship. Through the centuries, the Christian church has looked to this maybe more than any other single place in the Bible to inform our worship. This text tells us almost everything we need to know. Let’s look at the questions: what is worship; why should we worship; and how can we worship?

Understanding Psalm 95

Psalm 95 shows us that worship is important for finding inner peace even when life gets tough. It’s like an invitation to recognize how great God is and to be genuine in our worship, instead of resisting like the Israelites did. The Psalm also teaches us that worship is more than just asking God for things—it’s a deep way to find peace and it helps us understand what worship really means, why it’s important, and how to do it right.

1. What is worship?

Worship changes us. It involves our thoughts, choices, and feelings, and can lead to life-changing experiences. When we take time to truly think about how amazing God is, it can bring big changes in our lives. It’s not a shallow act, but a deep recognition of God’s worth that can motivate and energize every part of our lives.

2. Why should we worship God?

All of us give great value to something in our lives. This creates a divide between those who worship things that can lead them astray and those who honor the only one worthy of such devotion. Real worship means recognizing what we currently hold in high regard and shifting that value to God. Worship isn’t just a duty, but a transformative process of giving ultimate value to God, the only real source of happiness, forgiveness, and healing.

3. How can we do worship well?

Worship involves both individual and group aspects, with each person’s unique contributions adding to the overall experience. Understanding God fully is best done within a diverse group of believers, which underlines the importance of truth, unity, and the Holy Spirit’s presence. The teaching ends with a reminder of the importance of finding rest in the good news of Jesus Christ, and a warning against creating a religion that only serves ourselves.



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