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Honor the Son

Tim Keller |  February 24, 1991

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John 5:16-23
RS 11-19


We must submit to God’s will for us to gain a life filled with true joy. Submission means we must wrestle with what God gives us,decide to trust God,and put the events in our lives in the context of an eternal perspective.

John 5:16–23

This passage tells us about Jesus being questioned by the Jewish leaders for performing miracles and saying he was God’s equal. It reminds us that real success and joy come from being humble, serving others, and making their happiness a priority. Even though religious music like Bach’s might seem serious, he was a joyful person, just like Jesus was joyful even though he was also God’s son. The story ends with Jesus giving up his life on the cross and being honored as the ultimate judge, showing us that blessings and greatness come from selfless actions and following God’s plan.

1. Following God’s plan means struggle

God’s love, acceptance, and forgiveness can be very appealing, but it can also be scary to think about giving up control and following God’s plan. But it’s not about denying how we feel or ignoring our pain. It’s about acknowledging our struggles and choosing to follow God’s plan even when it’s hard, just like Jesus did when he was facing his death.

2. Choosing to follow God is a decision to trust

Choosing to follow God’s plan is not about giving up or being passive. It’s about deciding to follow God’s instructions and accept his plans for our lives, just like Jesus did in the garden of Gethsemane. We can find out what God wants us to do by reading the Bible and looking at how he’s working in our lives. When we’re not sure what to do, we can ask God for help.

3. Following God means seeing things from the right perspective

Seeing things the right way is really important. Just like a child might get upset about a broken toy, sometimes we get upset because we’re not seeing things the right way. Even when things are hard or confusing, we can choose to follow God’s plan and trust that he will use it for good, just like the songwriter George Matheson did when he faced a personal loss.

4. In the end, following God brings joy

Real joy comes from choosing to follow God’s plan. This choice doesn’t mean ignoring our feelings, but it leads to new life and honor, just like Jesus’ journey. We have to decide who we’re going to let guide our lives. Following God means more than just being a good person, it means living our whole lives for God’s glory. We should pray for the strength to follow God and become more like Jesus.



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