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Hope and Money

Tim Keller |  November 8, 2009

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  • Stewardship, Generosity and Money
1 Timothy 6:6-19
RS 316-07


Money is not inherently evil, but it is often dangerous because it has a power to blind us to spiritual reality. When a person becomes financially successful, they start to feel that they are a success in all areas, and they can easily become blinded to their own sin. Also, the love of money is a unique sin because few people can see greed in themselves. Instead, we falsely believe that luxuries are necessities. Finally, money deceives us by telling us that it can bring us security, and this makes us unwilling to part with our money. It is only when we see the real security we have in Christ that we can relinquish the deceitful security offered by money.

1 Timothy 6:6–10, 17–19

The Bible gives us wise and helpful teachings on how we, as a church, should view money. It emphasizes that we should think about money in a way that aligns with the message of the gospel. It warns us about the dangers of having a lot of money and teaches us how to avoid those dangers. By placing our hope in God and not in our money, we can find true satisfaction which leads to a real, authentic life.

1. What’s the problem with money?

Money itself isn’t bad. However, when we start wanting it too much, it can cause problems. It can twist the way we see things, make us prideful, stop us from growing as a person, and trap us in a never-ending cycle of always wanting more. But, when we handle it carefully and give generously, it can be used to do good things and help others.

2. How can we avoid these problems?

Being content, gracious, and living simply are important ways to challenge the mistaken belief that having lots of stuff makes us safe. Real wealth and safety lie in knowing Jesus Christ. He showed us how much he values us by giving up his life for us. As Christians, we’re encouraged to live simple lives, be happy with what we need, share generously, and trust in the safety that God provides. This empowers us to serve others.



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