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Hope for Your Work

Tim Keller |  October 25, 2009

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  • Work & Faith
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Titus 2:11-3:9
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How does the gospel give us hope? And how does that hope shape our public life?

We’re looking at how hope shapes the way in which we live our lives—not just in giving us inner peace and not just in our family life, but in our public life out in the world. In particular, how does hope shape the way in which we do our work?

We’re going to see 1) the passion of hope, 2) the case study of hope, and then 3) the reason for hope.

Titus 2:11–3:9

The good news of Jesus gives us hope and shapes our actions, especially in our jobs and public roles. God’s grace brings us salvation, helping us to say no to wrong choices and to live disciplined, good, and spiritual lives. The message also emphasizes the expected return of Jesus, his sacrifice to cleanse us from sin, and the command for believers to respect others, obey rules, and avoid unnecessary arguments.

1. The fire of hope

Believing in Jesus’ second coming inspires us to live with passion and care for others, rather than being indifferent to the world. His return is a symbol of hope for those experiencing hardship and unfairness, promising a future where justice is served. It encourages us to share our faith, show love, and serve selflessly, while working towards justice and the common good in our communities.

2. The real-life example of hope

Mixing faith and work is important in our Christian journey, with the good news of Jesus influencing our public lives. As Christians, we should seek guidance and direction in our jobs, showing that Jesus is Lord in every area of life, including work. It’s important to think about the common good and people’s wellbeing in our career choices, avoid doing harm, put others first, and keep a balanced view of things, finding motivation, balance, and comfort in the hope of Jesus’ return.

3. The reason for hope

The expectation of Jesus’ second coming gives us hope, assuring us of an end to all pain and unfairness. The thought of facing God’s judgment can be scary, but it’s softened by the fact that Jesus has already taken our punishment, freeing us from guilt. This certainty of past judgment and future hope should deeply affect our everyday lives.



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