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How To Find Faith

Tim Keller |  November 8, 1998

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  • Trust and Assurance
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  • God's Love
Mark 5:21-43
RS 95-4

Mark 5:21–43

When Jesus healed people, he taught us important things about faith. One public healing showed us the basic faith needed to connect with Jesus, and another private healing showed us how that faith can grow. Both stories together tell us we need faith at every stage of our journey with Jesus.

1. Why we need these lessons

Just being near Jesus or doing religious things doesn’t mean we really know him. We can hear about others’ experiences with Jesus, but we need faith to have our own relationship with him. Building faith helps us know Jesus on a deeper level.

2. The first steps

A woman suffered for 12 years before she turned to Jesus for real healing, not just to get what she wanted. It’s not about how big your faith is, but who you put your faith in. This story also shows us Jesus’s power, his amazing acts, and how his sacrifice helps us connect with him spiritually.

3. Going deeper

When Jesus healed the woman and brought Jairus’ daughter back to life, he showed us his love, kindness, and wisdom. He showed he cares more about people who are left out than important people. When he makes us wait, he’s teaching us to be humble and to understand that his power works best when we need him, not when we think we’ve done something great. His wisdom turns bad things into chances for us to grow our faith. He wants us to trust him more than our own plans, to know him like family, and to focus on his love and what’s important to him, not what the world says is important.



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