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How To Pray

Tim Keller |  May 6, 1990

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  • God the Father
  • Prayer & Meditation
Matthew 6:9-15
RS 9-1

Matthew 6:9–15

Prayer is like a special phone call with God. It’s how we connect with Him in a deep, personal way. This is really important in a world where everyone is searching for meaningful experiences. The Lord’s Prayer, although well-known, is like a guide to this special connection. It teaches us how to pray, what prayer is all about, and why it’s so important. By exploring the Lord’s Prayer, we can find the great value that it has.

1. The difficulty of prayer

Praying isn’t easy. It’s as complex as flying a helicopter or maintaining a good relationship with someone you love. It requires humility, patience, and emotional commitment. It’s even harder than preaching because it requires us to focus fully on God. The way we pray shows how well we understand who we’re talking to – God. So, to get really good at prayer, we need to dedicate time, hard work, and make it a priority in our day-to-day lives.

2. The basis of prayer

At its core, prayer is about calling God “Our Father,” just as Jesus did in the Bible. When we accept Jesus, we get to be part of God’s family, and this brings us closer to Him. Realizing how amazing God is and understanding what it means to call Him “Father” is key to meaningful, personal prayer. It’s also how we find healing and peace.




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